The Robert Peel Trust
"The police are the public and the public are the police"
Portrait of Robert Peel

The Robert Peel Trust is administered by the Charities Aid Foundation.

The Trust makes grants to support charitable works in and out of the UK that

a) promote the approach to policing set out by Sir Robert Peel;

b) enable greater public participation in the prevention and solution of crime;

c) otherwise aim to deter crime;

d) advance the interests and needs of victims and witnesses of crime;

e) facilitate the engagement of witnesses with the police; and

f) assist fallen and injured police officers and their families.


The Trust receives its income primarily from Just Evidence and Witness Confident arising from the use of the Self Evident app to report crime to the police.


The Trust does not presently receive unsolicited grant applications.

Advisory Committee

The Trust’s Advisory Committee includes Gill Aconley, Pat Boyer, Tom Devine, Ian Harley and Charles Medawar.

Grant making criteria

The Trust makes grants in the light of the following criteria:

  1. To foster a virtuous circle so that people and organisations who use the Self Evident app to report crime to the police see some additional public benefit, the Trust will want to support charitable works having regard to (a) the areas, countries or regions that such reports are made, and/or (b) nominations by users.
  2. The Trust is more likely to give grants to organisations that are small rather than large; poor rather than rich; independent rather than statutory; challenging rather than safe; inspired rather than process bound; and lean rather than comfortable.
  3. The Trust is more likely to give grants to organisations which (a) seek to address the underlying causes of a harm rather than alleviate its effects, or (b) encourage people to act other than by regard to their self interest.
  4. The Trust may also make grants to Witness Confident where such support is demonstrably necessary to enable that charity to operate effectively and efficiently.